You can plan a pilgrimage. You will get benefit from satsang. Any journey will be possible. Business will go perfectly fine. There may be fatigue in the body.

Any permanent property can give benefits. Some big problem will be solved. You will get support from a senior official. Money can be received.

There may be a change in workplace. Business will go in your favor. Colleagues can support you in the job. Try to avoid risky activities.

Healthy people may remain weak today. Do not promote any dispute. Avoid unnecessary expenditure. Workload in the job will increase. Colleagues will not support.

Any accident can be big. Do not trust any unknown person. Business will go perfectly fine. You will have a good time with friends.

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You will get support from some other person. There will be profit in business. Will get full support from family. There may be a dispute with a senior person in the job. 

The lost money can be recovered from somewhere. Don't bet too early in the share market. Be extremely careful in transactions. You may get injured.

You will get success in whatever work you do. There will be an opportunity to participate in some program. There may be promotion in job and you will get full support from your life partner.

Take proper care of your health. Bad information may be received. Business will be profitable. You may get injured.

The journey will be entertaining. Some big work will be successful. There will be an increase in business. Today will be spent with family.

Will meet an old friend. You may think of doing some big work. Some auspicious function may be organized at home.

You will get rewards for helping. Reputation will increase in society. Be careful in transactions. There will be opportunities for profit